Creekside Rocks
I made two cat toys and a dog bed. My favorite part was making the bed.
This was a great project.
Pets are important things Because they can do stuff helpful for you. I am gonna be talking about adoption for loved animals just like a dog or cat. You should adopt a dog or cat they need a loved family or owner. Pets can be very helpful and kind. Cats or dogs are probably the MOST helpful animal. So you should at least get a dog or cat.

Adopting dogs or cats can be good. Here are some things you would need.

1. food
2. water
3. bed
4. love
5. safe
6. mates
7. healthy healthy diet
8. Great home
10. breath greatly
MY sport is soccer I like it a lot 

Very awesome snake
Volcanos are a very big dusty thing. The lava when its in the volcano is called (megama). When its out its called (lava). How a volcano erupts it has these plates under ground that move the oppsite direction and iI think there called ticonic plates I am not so sure, but thats  how it erupts and it gets so hot that it can melt your axes tip right off. Thats the cool thing about lava that it could just do somthing. Lava Is the thing in the world.
This is a turtle. It is my second favorite animal, because I like them I would like to have it as a pet . I like them because there beautiful and I love there head. I like turtles a lot.  turtles shells are very fragile because they are hard and could break easily. Turtles and horses are very important things to me. I like turtles soo much. turtles and horses are my life.
Very awesome video. I like this song a lot. It's by taylor swift. She is my favorite artist.
thanks for lisenting :)
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    This is a picture of a orange rose.
    I love dolphins!!

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